Electronic form of design is the most affordable and convenient interior design service of the century.

Let`s make it clear and answer very first question crossing your mind right now. What E-design is about? 

It is about creating complete design in electronic form, suits to all DIY-ers.  

Do I need E-design?​

If you thinking of hiring interior designer but low on budget. You cannot afford one. Stuck somewhere om half way in designing your room. Seeking professional advice in designing but wish to do all the job by yourself and save lots of money? Need inspiration, floor plan to work with, space planning, furniture arrangement advice, shopping list of final design or even 3D visualization- *any option- then E-design is the best choice for you. ​

What E-Design includes?

*Floor Plan

*Furniture arrangement

*Space planning

*Colour scheme

*Mood Board

Sample Board​

*Product list allowing you Shop ON-CLICK

*Three dimensional ( 3D) Sketch- for colour scheme reference

*Sketch ( 3D )- materials applied- No V-Ray Render

*Visualization ( 3D )- materials applied Fast Render​ 

3D- complete render photorealistic- for demanding projects and clients

*Video presentation

for MLS and Real Estate Agents Purposes ( Offering property with a project included in listing price or selling property in bad condition but great potential,  suitable for complete or partial renovation and would like to give buyers a vision)

*the most popular choice​


A floorplan is the most fundamental architectural drawing that depicts the room as seen from above.

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In developing an aesthetic or conceptual direction for project, most of designers create a mood board.

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3D Visualization

3D views inform us of the overall size and impact of a space, but we cannot easily distinguish distances or measurements between objects. We need a floorplan to plan spacing.

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Choose a service you need in our individual "PRICELIST" or from our current offer here. If you still do not see the service your needs, please email me I will find a solution for you 

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