Mood Boards

Mood Board is an inspirational collection of items. Helps in choosing specific colours, patterns and combinations.

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How to make a Mood Board

Mood Boards are creative tools. Used by most designers, from fashion to interiors. A mood board is a visual story that is used to inspire a design team. Explains to a client a certain design concept.

Mood Boards can be created from almost anything. They represent your research and taste. Look at the objects, photographs, cuttings, paint chips, fabrics and wallpaper swatches that you have collected.

A favourite colour scheme and style will begin to emerge. Use mood boards as a constant reference throughout the decorating process.


Living Room
Living room

Finding  Inspiration

Whether you live in a city  or in the country, there is plenty to inspire . Take a little extra time to look around. Also consider the colour combinations used by advertisers on  posters or food packaging. Graphic designers choose them carefully to match therefore it is no accident that they look good together. 

Remember the colours on the walls of your favourite restaurant. Collect fallen leaves to inspire a palette of rich oranges and ochres. Look closely at the many tones in a menacing grey. Stormy sky against the warm brown bark of a tree. Visit an art gallery and look closely at the tones and shades used by classical and contemporary artist. You can find inspiration anywhere.

Take inspiration from world around you. Weathered boats could be translated into a fantastic kitchen filled with green-and-blue painted wooden cupboards. 

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