Welcome to a new experience of selling your house/ flat. If you feel pressure and stress of selling your property we have a solution for you.

Moving house is always a huge unforgettable moment in our lives. Let us make it easier for you. With a well-trained eye for detail, we are your best choice. An initial consultation will give you an image of how to prepare your property to be attractive to potential buyers.

Believe or not “first impression matters”.

And all starts when we see pictures. Nowadays, the biggest source of information where we search is the internet. Let us make your advert stands out. Be the first choice and sell it today.

How to become a number one between comparable properties on the market? Do not you have many viewings? Or, do you have too many viewings but no offer yet? Did you ask your agent? What did he say? Have you got more questions crossing your mind right now? I will answer.

Email me and briefly describe your property. Leave your contact details.

If you think you can DIY but no sure and need some inspiration and professional advice, please see E-Design section. You might choose some of our services there. It is very convenient and affordable and very quick with full designer support for 2 weeks.

You will receive an email or phone call to gain more information about your project and to arrange a consultation. Or simply provide as much information as you can in your email.

For example:

  • Size of the property to be staged
  • Condition of the property- how you consider your house
  • Area ( young family with children , Busy area, Quiet area, village, retirement house etc.)
  • If you started or tried to stage it already
  • Or even where you heard about Home staging

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