What is a floor plan?

A floor plan is perhaps the most fundamental architectural drawing that depicts the room as seen from above. A typical floor plan of a room includes the shape of the room, the overall measurements, the position and size of every architectural element ( doors, windows, fireplaces, division walls, etc) and any built-in elements, such as wardrobes, radiators, etc.

The floor plan represents accurately the shape of the room, its proportions, the position and size of the doors and windows, etc. The architectural drawings are normally drawn at a scale of 1:50( metric system). Drawing the floor plan at a scale is not enough. It is also necessary to include dimensions in either the metric or imperial system.

One room, many solutions…

Furniture arrangement is not a problem with one solution. Usually, for every space, there are many layouts and each has its strengths and weaknesses. Some solutions are more functional while others are more aesthetically pleasing. In some cases, we might decide a rearrangement just to change our daily routine.

Why do you need to measure the room?

In order to experiment with alternative furniture arrangements, you will need to draw a floor plan at a scale. On the architectural drawings, architects and designers experiment with several layouts and reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

To make a floor plan of the room you first need to measure the space, and then write down- rather than remember- your measurements in a rough sketch. Each room should be measured separately.

Alternatively, you can request your architect to provide you with the floor plan of your own house. However, you should probably need to measure your space by yourself to make sure that you have got the accurate measurements.

The measuring tools you will need

Most interior spaces are quite large and you need special tools for measuring them. The most common tool is the tape measure. It gives fairly accurate measurements and it is available at very low prices in tool stores.

What tools do I need to sketch a floor plan by hand?

You will need some sheets of white paper, a well- sharpened pencil and an eraser. You can use a clipboard paper holder when you work in a standing position.

Laser distance measuring devices

If you are a professional interior designer or intend to deal professionally with arranging furniture, maybe you should consider buying a laser distance measuring device. For precise measurements, the user of the device simply points with the laser beam. The device gives higher accuracy when measuring than a tape measure and it can be handled by one operator.

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