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Welcome to my website and thank you for being interested in staging home before selling. Or just being interested in Home Staging itself as well as Interior design. If you are looking for some innovative design services, please learn more about a new design concept introduced on page E-Design.

Let me introduce myself to you.

I am a Certified Home Stager, member of  ASHSR ( American society of Home Staging Resource), Stagers Connect and a student of Interior Design. Combining a knowledge of these two industries I can give you a professional advice for your pre-sale preparation. 

Money is a limited source. We think twice when buying things and hundred times when buying property. Your goal is to find some tips and tricks to help you to grab buyers` attention.

I will show you how to take measurements easiest way, send them over to me and I will prepare e-drawn floor plan either for advertising  or for interior design purposes.

I will prepare downloadable e-books about E-Design, Home Staging, Interior design, Re-design and other topics you are interested in. If you feel you need more information about a particular problem do not hesitate to contact me, I will answer your questions.

Now have a cup of coffee…sit back…and relax. I will get your property on the top of Real estate agents list.

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Excited to hit the market?

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EV- Erika Design Studio will provide you with a brand new design service. To learn more about it, please go to section E-Design or simply jump into Digital Design packages and start your consultation.

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